Thursday, May 3, 2012

Intro Post!

Welcome everyone to my blog about anime, manga and graphic novels for newbies.

Granted, I'm no expert or anything. I just thought due to my obsessive researching and more than minor fangeeking, I thought I'd start this little project (with some prodding from my mother) to help those of you out there who might not know all that much about manga or anime or even graphic novels in general.

Hopefully I can explain a little bit about it and maybe have a word definition of the day and whatnot, so let's see where this goes!

First of all, all manga (Mahn-ga) or Japanese comics, are considered Graphic Novels but not all Graphic Novels are considered Manga. Well, not in the West at least. The Japanese have slightly looser definitions.

Most of the Japanese produced manga tend to be done in black and white and written by a writer/artist for the duration of the series. It lasts for as long as it's popular with the readers and for as long as the artist (or manga-ka) has a story to tell.

The majority are published in larger phone book sized volumes that come out weekly or monthly. We'll delve into the various categories and genres in a later post.

Weekly Shonen Jump

Well, let's cut this a little short for now since it's getting late and I do have a day job, lol! Besides, always leave 'em wanting more!


  1. okay, so all Manga (a genre) are graphic novels but not all graphic novels are Manga. So far so good?

    By the way, proud of you.

  2. It's more of a medium than a genre. It consists of various genres within the medium itself. I'm thinking of a follow up post to explain in more detail.

    Glad you like so far!

  3. Great start!

    BTW--Although I'm not quite old enough to remember the original "Astro Boy" in manga form, I DO remember watching the re-dubbed B & W anime, back around 1964 or so, on the Independent TV Station Channel 2 (KWGN) in Denver, Colorado--

    And then they started running "Gigantor"!

  4. I remember you mentioning something about that on the forums one time. I think the first anime I saw before even knowing what anime really was, was Voltron. The first anime I saw when I realized what anime was, was Inu Yasha.

  5. "Dragonball Z" was my first "official" anime, but it was "Trigun", of course, that got me truly hooked again...

    1. LOL, yeah I too have a soft spot for 'Trigun' myself. I think that's how we met even!

  6. P.S. Just thought you'd like-ta' know--

    That's my cat, Harley, as my Icon in this venue, and he's doing his "Who, Me?" expression